Saturday, March 10, 2018

Talking Turkey

Let's talk turkey, specifically the big fat gobbler who wants to see a parade of toy soldiers marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, who needs a cheat sheet to remind him to say "I hear you," who's so discombobulated that the world is laughing at his recorded communications, who changes his mind every time he turns around, who wants to have a one-on-one with Kim Jong Un, the ruthless dictator or North Korea.


KJU may be ruthless, but he's not stupid. He's been plotting his climb up the world's totem pole for years, and a certain unstable clown's ascendancy to the presidency of the United States gave him the perfect opportunity to pull off a very clever maneuver. First he teased about, then threatened, nuclear war. Turkey gobbler responded, of course, by trying to out-bombast him. Then, suddenly, KJU turned into a sweetheart, cuddling up with South Korea and sending athletes and pretty girls to the Olympics.

So now the TG plans to meet up with KJU and pull off one of his "winning deals," which usually involve stripping elderly people of their life savings or refusing to pay contract workers. And if you think he will be listening to people who know something about North Korea, think again. Remember, he's like a three-year-old--whatever more sober minds tell him to do, he'll do the opposite.

We are sunk.

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