Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Just Ask Sonia

Sonia Dog knows how everything is supposed to be, and she holds Mommy to it. When doggie comes downstairs every morning, she expects Mommie to slide open the door to the back yard for obvious reasons, and then, when she comes in, Mommie is supposed to give her a nose-to-nose greeting (uno, dos, tres) and a good rubdown, including scratching behind her ears. Breakfast comes next--freshly-poured kibbles and clean water. After she's rested a while, Sonia notifies Mommy that it's time for her second breakfast--Mommy's breakfast, that is, because she knows Mommy will give her the dregs of her cereal bowl, followed by two Milkbones (uno, dos) as a reward for drinking her milk.
When she sees trash bags beeing packed in the trunk of the car, Sonia pads out into the garage and waits at "her" door, knowing she will be invited to  ride up the driveway to the street where the bin sits.  And, of course, when the car goes through the DQ drive-thru, she comes to attention to remind Fio and Husband that she is supposed to get a Puppy Cup. She even knows the bedtime routine, and will badger Mommie and Daddy with growling whines if they seem to have forgtten.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. Sonia is truly Mommy's daughter.

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