Thursday, March 1, 2018

As We have Done Before--and Before--and Before

So now Hope Hicks is out the door. How much longer will Sarah HS be around? Or Jeff Sessions, or John Kelly, or even Jared Kushner? If this is the way Trump ran his businesses, it's no wonder they went bankrupt.

A while back, Fiorella contemplated putting together an acrostic using the names of all the people in Trump's administration who've come and gone, but as the list grew longer and longer, she realized her project would be the size of a large table cloth, and that because never-ending turnover was Trump's business model, that she would have to make that table cloth her life's work.

But what bothers Fio even more than the people who have departed are the people who are still aound. People like Betsy DeVoss,  Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke, Stephen Miller, Stephen Mnunchin. What this admnistration needs is a good cleaning out, and Trump should be the first to go.

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