Thursday, June 29, 2017

Where Credit's Due

Thursday, and Fiorella is late again, but she's been gadding about. To thank Minnesota son for coming to town to help take care of Husband and rebuild his automobile, Fio took him out to Friend Patricia's horse ranch to meet her friend's Arabians. Son has always been a horse nut, but he hasn't had access to one in several years so this was a real treat for him. For Fio too, who read a lot of Walter Farley in elementary school, but never got to meet a horse up close until she took a college class in Horsemanship (at which she was a total failure).

Anyway, Patricia was a charming and infirmative hostess, and Fio thinks the visit was the crowning glory of Son's visit, a glory he deserves, because Fiorella couldn't have survived these past few weeks without him.

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