Tuesday, June 27, 2017


La Piloto sewed up every plot line last night. John, the consumate villain, gathered all his drug traffic friends /rivals together in his lovely ranch house, then went outside and tommy-gunned them through the window, much to the surprise of los federales, who were preparing for a surprise attack. Sulima escaped the massacre, but with Yolanda confronting her, ended up backing into a whirling propeller, which pretty well took care of her. Dave went after John, and they duked it out like the girls did, but John was hauled off to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The last episode was puffed up with a lot of unnecessary memory footage, but Olivia and Vilmer, Lizbeth and Raul, Mena and his baby, Rosalba, Yolanda and Dave lived happily ever after. Or did they? The last camera shot was of crazy Santamaria, whom we all thought had been left to rot in jail in a women's prison, watching through his evil eye as Yolanda and Dave embraced.

La Piloto Dos, anyone?

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