Saturday, June 10, 2017

Question and Answer

INTERVIEWER: Why do you write this blog?

FIORELLA: It's my outlet. It lets me drain/ The swamp of my brain.

INTERVIEWER: You answered me in a rhymed dimeter couplet. Why?

FIORELLA: It's a game I play with myself. Blending the message, the beat, and the rhyme is a challenge.

INTERVIEWER: Lately you've used your poetic  skills to challenge Donald Trump. Why not prose?

FIORELLA: People are more likely to remember a short, smartly-turned rhymed verse than a long, thoughtful essay.

INTERVIEWER: You want your poetry to be remembered?

FIORELLA: I want my message to be remembered. We all have our roles in the resisitance movement, and mine is to fuel the fire.\


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