Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump Defined

OMG, it gets worse and worse. Now Trump is threatening China, saying the US will go it alone if China doesn't rein in North Korea, which means the only way the Chinese can respond and save face is to back North Korea and say that if we send troops, they'll send troops. This situation is not only scary, but ridiculous. Doesn't our so-called president remember that he personally owes China a boatload of money?

Then there's the way he's loaded the cabinet with losers. And set his daughter and son-law up as presidential advisers. And threatened lawmakers who voted against his health bill. And hops off to a one of his golf courses every weekend. And denies the Russian connection. And tweets at every bird that flies byhis window. And lies and lies and lies.

No way around it. He's a total ass.

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