Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Credit, Rocks, Piano

Fiorella has lost her credit card (la tarjeta magica) again, and she's a little worried that her carrier might decide to restrict the number of replacemnt cards they send her. Not to mention that it's no fun to change the card number she has on file with various providers.
It's the old yo-ho, heave-ho with las rocas again. Fio moved a third of neighbor (vecina) Kathy's rocks to the north driveway and put them in place to shore out the edging, then drove back to fill her trunk again for tomorrow's placement. That load should use up Kathy's contribution, but Fio has established cairns in the south woods she can use, and friend Mickey's rocks are still in the offing.
Fiorella pulled out an old hymnal, sat down at the piano, and tried to play her way through a few Easter hymns. Not too bad, but not good either. She's not planning a world tour anytime soon.

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