Saturday, April 22, 2017

Post-Easter Post

Fiorella is just about back together again after the Easter parade. She was overjoyed to have the family over, and especially happy to have Minnesota son and his wife visiting. There's always a lot to catch up on with the Minnesota duo, and Son is usually kind enough to fix things in the house while Daughter-in-Law and Fio are rampaging around town on errands and having an uproarious time of it.

The special guest, of course, was Baby, whom her parents were generous enough to let us all take in our arms and coo at. Daughter was there too, and she was quick to claim her Auntie rights.

But now the guests have departed, the Easter baskets are packed away, and the leftover chocolates have met their destiny so Fio has to settle into real life again. That means catching up on her lista amarilla, her espanol, the spring planting, and, yes, Phillipa. She's promised herself to review forty pages tomorrow.

(Sorry, Fio accidentally ran this post a day early.)

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