Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gestapo Mentality

Yes, it was horrible what United did, yanking a paying pasenger off a plane and beating him up when he didn't cooperate. Yes, the head of the airline has to take full responsibility for what happened, and he well deserves the angry condemnation he's been getting. But his underlings, the hired thugs who carried out his orders, are the most frightening part of the equation because without ordinary people, people who love their families and are kind to dogs, turning into monsters, the guys at the top can't get very far. Hitler couldn't do it alone. He needed armies of unthinking goons.

But this is America, and there were also heroes on that airplane, heroes who protested, then whipped out their cell phones and recorded every moment of the dazed and bloody doctor being dragged down the aisle, heroes who contacted the media and spread their videos all over the world.

Keep it up, guys. We can't let the goons win.

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