Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Dark Side

Friend PauIa posed an interesting question: how does one find a balance between the world as it is and the world you want it to be for your children? You want to protect them, but you also want them to be savvy enough to be able to protect themselves.

Fio has always been aware of the dark side, what could happen, because she was born in 1942, when no one knew what the outcome of WWII would be. Her family lived in Akron, Ohio, rubber capitol of the world, a prime target for German bombing, and she remembers the blackouts and the fear in her mother's eyes. She remember the shortages, the all-important victory gardens, her father working overtime, and her mother cutting a Christmas dress for her out of Daddy's old tennis slacks,

It looks like we're entering into another dark side right now. But this time the threat comes from within.

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