Monday, February 27, 2017

Can't Keep A Good Girl Down

As part of the endless stream of personal information Fiorella lays on you, she is going to talk about her organizational inclinations. The earliest she can remember exhibiting this tendency is when she put together the girls' gang that warred against the boys' gang in first grade. Later on, she tried to organize a girls' club in the fourth grade that went nowhere, but her neighborhood Wolf Pack howled around for a month or two. In the sixth grade, she was a leader in the Christmas tree war on the vacant lot on the other side of Herring Street, where she wasn't supposed to go. Her junior high years were rather tame, but high school let her stretch her wings as she became queen of the Advanced Latin class. In college, she put out her own newsletter. As a mother, she served as president of her son's pre-school parents' group and junior high PTA, then jumped over to being city-wide PTA president. Newsletters accompanied all three positions, of course, because Fio cannot keep her mouth shut or her pen still when she is pushing a cause. As a teacher, she tried to make each class into a supportive organization within itself, and as a writer, she has organized a critique group and several side relationships. And now she's trying to organize the the country and the world to overthrow Donald Trump. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

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