Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sleeping Well, Lunes a Viernes

The color of passion is running blood red right now. Vincencio brutally raped the beloved Gaxiola maid and tried to kill the maid's boyfriend, Lalo, who had been his boss when he was working at the Gaxiola tile factory. And Nora (hiss, boo) accidentally killed Ricardo Marques by cutting his jugular with a wine bottle she was swinging around at him because she's--well--crazy. But Fio should have seen it coming because Ricardo, who'd been a dirty dog all along, had a touching scene beforehand in which he wept and told his daughter how much he loved her.

Apparently people weep a lot in telenovelas. And they walk into each other's houses and yell at other people a lot. And get hit by cars a lot.  And have sex a lot. And, if they're villains, they get away with a lot...but there's always someone lurking in the shadows who overhears everything.

The show is totally estupido and Fiorella loves it. For her, El Color de la Pasion is a una catarsis fabulosa. Sweet dreams!

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