Sunday, February 19, 2017

Over the Top

Fiorella is under a lot of stress, but she sleeps well at night because she watches El Color de la Pasion, her Spanish-language soap opera every evening. It's so totally ridiculous that she's amazed the actors can keep their faces straight. Fio herself has been known to snicker cynically as the lovers pledge eternal devotion, scream with laughter as the inevitable blood spurts, and hoot at intricate, unbelievable plot twists. But she keeps on watching, even though she only understands, at best, one word in ten. It doesn't matter--the actors are quite good and their faces and gestures tell the story. Right now, Lucia (Goody Two Shoes) has stood up Marcelo (Handsome Hero) at the altar to take care of her half-sister, Nora (hiss, boo), who is going crazy because she accidentally killed a guy. But what Lucia doesn't know is that Nora is the one who engineered Big Sister being left standing at the altar when she was about to marry Roderigo a while back. And that Nora is not really her sister, but the offspring of Lucia's stepmother-aunt (who killed Lucia's mother and married Lucia's father), and one of her many lovers.

And that's just the main plot. Now you see why Fio sleeps well. .

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