Saturday, October 8, 2016

Updating Sonia Dog

Sonia dog is wise to the odors of humankind. She huddles on the couch, dejected but accepting, when  she smells Chanel #5 because that means Mommy is about to drive off somewhere without her.  And she rushes to the door, her tail wagging, when she smells mosquito repellent because that means Mommy is about to go out into the yard and she is welcome to accompany her.
Sonia likes her morning ceremonies.  She demands a new-day rub down, then expects to receive a  rawhide bone, the leftover milk from Mommy's breakfast cereal bowl, and a Milkbone..  And if Mommy forgets anything, Sonia clues her in by whining piteously or delivering a sharp, reprimanding bark.
Sonia is a homebody. She is the on;y dog Fiorella has ever had that doesn't make a run for freedom the second the door is opened. Instead, when Mommy invites her out, she explores the area for new (and suspicious) developments, then waits patiently on the porch for Mommy to let her back inside so she can nap on the couch again..

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