Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Minnesota Son's Birthday

Today is the birthday of Fiorella's oldest child, and Fio can't help but reminisce a little. Minnesota Son was a big baby, just over ten pounds, with black hair and blue eyes, and, as the nurses had said, exceptionally pretty for a newborn.

The dark hair soon fell out, and medium brown hair came in at about the same time the blue eyes turned brown. Fio's brown-eyed mother was thrilled.  She held Son in her arms and, with her blue-eyed daughter standing beside her, said, "I think dark eyes look more intelligent."

Son was a good baby and slept through the night so early that it scared Fio the first time. He was an early walker too, but the talking came late, probably because, as Husband and Fio finally discovered, he needed tubes in his ears.

He was a very active child, learning to ride a two-wheel bike when he was three, and he loved playgrounds--always trying to figure out how things worked, like when he hunched down and peered at the motor under the merry-go-round. Later on, he learned how to fix anything mechanical, and now he can take on anything electronic.

He's good with animals and was always musical, a  talent that has blossomed through the years, as has his art. And he  has a great speaking voice and vocabulary and uses good grammar.

But most important, Son has a good heart and loves his wife, his family, and his God.

Fiorella is blessed.

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