Monday, August 8, 2016

Oz, Trump, Dwarfs and Duggars

Dr. Oz says that using olive oil lowers chances of a premature death. Does that mean Fio's fingernails, which she daily dips in olive oil, will live longer?
Fio thinks Trump's ideal world is one in which the men make loads of money and the women pose for nude photos. Notice that he hasn't blown up about those pictures of his wife.  Fio suspects he may have released them himself to show her off--sort of a yada-yada-ya-ya, look what I have and you don't. Perhaps he thought they'd bring in more votes.
Fio used to watch The Little People until the Matt went meglomaniacal and all the right wing crazy stuff came out. She watches The Little Couple now, and hopes Bill Klein and Jen Arnold aren't as fake as the Roloffs turned out to be.  And then there are the Duggars, but that's a bigger story--pun intended.

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