Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Much, Too Much!

All is not well in FiorellaLand.  She messed up and appeared at the Bee Cave book signing one week early--only about a 130-mile two-way drive--then drove back through Austin to have lunch with nephew Aaron and his wife--again, not realizing she was one week early for that too.  Husband, who did most of the driving, was nice about it, but Fio is still fretting.  She hates to waste time.

Why did Fiorella get a week ahead of herself?  Probably because she's been living in overload--the car issue is still hanging over her (gnashing of teeth), the gentrification of the den is at a standstill, there are still has two phone call messages she needs to answer, she has to send the final income tax information to her CPA and supply him with necessary documents, and then there's her cell phone, which is on the outs.  Oh, and she needs to get back to her novella, which, timewise, is taking longer to write than the Bible.

Lay your hands on this blog and send healing vibes to Fiorella.

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Pat O'Dea Rosen said...

Am sending healing vibes.