Friday, April 15, 2016

Fiorella, alias Nancy Drew

The dog was big, fluffy, friendly, and lost so Fiorella collared him and attached the leash to the wrought iron bench on her front porch, then walked all the way up hill and down to check out the "lost dog" notice that Husband remembered was posted to the telephone pole which functions as the neighborhood bulletin board.  But there was no such sign.  Girding her loins, Fio started the trek home, but Neighbor Mickey, who was driving by, spotted her and stopped in the middle of the road to exchange pleasantries, which is something one can do on a country road.

Mickey said the dog had visited her house too, and her sister was taking care of it.  Nothing for Fio to do but trudge up past her own driveway to Mickey's house, where she learned that Cindy thought the dog was owned by someone on the east end of Wind Ridge Cove.  Fio went home, got the car, drove up to Wind Ridge, took down some addresses because no one was home, returned to the house, and consulted the partial telephone list left over from a neighborhood cedar-chopping project four years before.

The first number she called was a bingo. The Wind Ridge resident told her the name of the woman who owned the dog and supplied a phone number, which Fio dutifully called.  No one was home, of course, but she left a message and expects the dog will be claimed by evening.

The Mystery of the White Dog--solved by tenacity and great detective work.  Applause, please.


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