Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fio on the Upswing

We will assume Fio is up and running now.  .Last week was harrowing, and chocolate was the cause of it all.

Husband and Fio had about fifty dollars worth of Easter chocolate in the trunk when she hit the cop car, and she ate a huge chocolate rabbit on Tuesday causing her to stagger into the bathroom for Tums at 4:30 Wednesday morning, which resulted in her tripping over her own feet and skinning her arm on the knobs of a cabinet as she fell, followed by her spilling an icebag destined for her arm all over her computer on Thursday afternoon, which resulted in her computer blowing its brains out.

But the evil rabbit is gone, the car is in the shop, Fio's arm is semi-healing, and all the stuff from her old computer has been transferred into her new computer.  Now if she can just get the new guy to behave--the blog is working, but the email is weird, she has to turn cartwheels to get to Google News, and she's lost some icons.

More updates to come.

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