Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Back Again!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back into the world of Fiorella, who is recovering not only from an auto accident, not only from tripping over her own feet and skinning her left arm on the way down, but also from accidentally showering her laptop with an icebag she was filling to soothe said arm. Then she got sick.

But fear not.  After a bout of deep depression, intrepid Fio is on the upswing. Her baby car lost its front end, but Mazda and Allstate will fix her up; although her arm has swollen and turned purple, nothing is broken; her Toshiba fried, but Click Computer Repair was able to transfer all its contents to Husband's old Dell.  And she herself is on the mend from whatever flu or allergy was driving her crazy.

But please send kind thoughts Fio's way. The girl needs a break.

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