Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mal Voyage

Fiorella doesn't like traveling.

She doesn't like the pain and exhaustion caused by hauling around an overloaded suitcase on which she has incorrectly piled a heavy portfolio.  She doesn't like going insane on a a three-hour flight because the terminal vendors don't carry crossword puzzle books anymore.  She doesn't like her prepaid car not showing up at the NJ airport curb.  She doesn't like not being able to find her hotel room and being so exhausted that she has to sit down in the hall and lean her back against the wall  to rest.  She doesn't like having to live out of her suitcase for two days because the carpet in said room was soggy and it took a whole day for a second room to be available.  She doesn't like her prepaid car to JFK never materializing.  She doesn't like being scheduled with such a short time (an hour) between her arrival at DFW and the flight to Austin that, despite the Sky Lift, the doors were closed when she got to the terminal.

Oh, and she lost her glasses.

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