Saturday, June 6, 2015

Newsing Snippets

Fiorella asks again--have we become a nation of sexual voyeurs? Why must we know all the details, stroke by stroke, of other people's sexual experiences?  Why is it that the Hastert scandal, the Duggar scandal, and the Jenner thing are today's biggest "news " stories?  Why is Fifty Shades a best seller?  Why are "mainstream" movies on the edge of pornographic?
The Duggars don't seem to understand.  There isn't anything Jim Bob and Michelle can say to regain their places in the sun/limelight, and it isn't just Josh.  Like every long-running TV show, the time has come for them to fold their tents and fade away.
One last question--why is Bruce such a "hero" for turning himself into Caitlyn when his action is an act of pure self-indulgence?  Hmm--is Kris running the show?

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