Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fiorella of the Chainsaw

Fiorella is queen of the chainsaw!  All hail!

Yes, when Husband said there was no way the fallen tree in the north driveway could be taken back to the house and hacked up for next winter's firewood, Fio decided to find a way--and there you have the essence of her personality.  Anyway, she took chainsaw in hand, marched up the driveway and commenced sawing, hacking off all the limbs and cutting the ones she could handle into eighteen-inch lengths.  The rest of the tree she figured, could be hauled back to the area in front of the house, where Husband has a couple of big logs set on end to use as a work table.

Fio wasn't as successful with the tree that fell across the street during the storms.  The neighbors had kindly maneuvered it to the side of the road, but Fio wasn't about to kneel down on sloping ground to cut it up into firelogs so she had to be happy with trimming off a few inconsequential limbs.

And as she swaggered back to the house swinging her chainsaw, the nasty cedars along the way cowered in fear. Mercy, Fiorella, I beg you.

But Fio took a few swipes at them anyway.  Chainsaw Lady knows no mercy.

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