Sunday, June 28, 2015

KImiko, Lady Eglington, vs. the Flight Attendant

I love this scene, but my editor wants me to cut it from WHERE THE HEART LEADS to reduce my cast of characters. Therefore, I'm giving it to you to enjoy:  

     Moira lounged about on the couch, reading a paperback romance she’d picked up at HEB.  Today had been easy.  She’d cleaned the house, washed some clothes, made sure the gown she wanted to wear tonight still fit, and even watched daytime television.  Life was good. 
     The phone rang.  Had she jinxed herself?  One of the principals could have come down with laryngitis or Vashti could have sprained her wrist. .
     But it was worse.  Her mother.  The catchy, cutesy breathing was the give-away.
     “Moira?”  Kimiko’s voice, the carefully-maintained pitch of a twenty-year-old,
had acquired a British upper crust cut-glass accent.
     “Moira, Suh-weetie Pie, I’m so, so sorry, but I won’t be able to make it to—uh—Texas
this trip.”
     An airplane engine roared in the background, and Moira could hear a flight attendant instructing passengers on the correct use of the drop-down oxygen mask.
     “You understand.  I’ve been talking to Covergirl about representing their line of skin products for—um—mature women.  Dawh-ling, I’ve let my hair go white—it’s the new blonde, you know, and makes my skin looks gorgeous”  Her voice dropped to a whisper.  “Hold on a minute.  There’s a hatchet-faced stewardess looking my way.  I’ll have to put you down and get a Vogue to hide behind.”
     Pages rattled and Kimiko picked up her cell again. 
     “I’m back.  Anyway, I’m on my way to New York to sign the contract before I fly back to England to attend a little birthday gathering for Princess Alexandra’s daughter.”
     “What about Arne?”
     “Your son.”
     Kimiko’s voice rose in indignation.  “Suh-weetie Pie, he absolutely defied me!  Said 
he hated me, and he didn’t want to leave his school.  School!  I could have introduced him to the world!”  Her voice lowered to a hiss.  “I’ve got to go.  That damn stewardess has spotted me. ”
     A stern female voice informed Kimiko that use of electronic devices was prohibited during take-offs or landings.
          “But, dah-ling, I’m flying first clawss!” were Kimiko’s last words before the call clicked off.

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