Thursday, May 14, 2015

Joy with Jigaws

Oink, oink! Fiorella is in hog heaven.  Every time she hits a brick wall in her novella, she rushes into the dining room and works on the five-hundred piece jigsaw puzzle spread out on the long table which is otherwise only used at Christmas and Easter. And every time she hits a brick wall in the jigsaw puzzle, she rushes back into her "office" and discovers the brick wall has miraculously disappeared, a la Diagon Alley.

But, back to the jigsaw.  "Fiorella," you say--"just five-hundred pieces?"

Well, Fio actually prefers thousand-piece puzzles, and she occasionally amped up to fifteen hundred in her pre-RWA days, but now she's aiming for diversion rather than absorption.

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