Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fiorella Battles Electronics . . . Again

Something semi-awful has happened.  Fiorella was trying to move her blog icon around, and it got smushed in with another icon, and the only way she can now access her blog is through a new, strange ogre-like icon that has a big B on it.  Actually, she can't see her posted blogs in all their splendor, just the pages that she composes her masterpieces on, the editorial page.

Then there are the icons which a friend kindly lined up and stabilized for her, but which are not in the order Fio wants them to be.  Yes, Fio knows how to drag icons--which is how she got in trouble with her blog icon--but each time she moves an icon, the space closes up.  Aaaargh!

The basic problem is that Fiorella always knew she'd be a writer--she always was a writer--but she didn't anticipate the advent of the electronic age.  There's always something.

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