Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Tapping the Fifty Shades keg, a woman named Virginia Roberts has accused Britain's Prince Andrew and retired Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz of carting her underage bod off to a series of exotic locations for three years for their own--uh--use.  In the twenty-four pages of her supposed diary, she throws around terms like "sex slave,"  "servitude," and "statutory rape," but never turns down the money, the gifts, the trips, or the lifestyle.

What is it about certain women that their fevered imaginations provide them with secret, glamorous lives in they are adored and--uh--used by famous, powerful men?  The most extreme example Fio ever heard of--on a local TV channel years ago--was a woman who detailed fifteen years of being mailed around from place to place to service the "Illuminati"--which Alex Jones, another delusionist, will tell you is headed by George H. W. Bush.

Maybe, aside from trying to clean up with a lawsuit or the threat of one, some women need to feel they are so highly valued because of their sexuality that great and powerful men will want to enslave them.  It probably has something to do with self-worth being tied in with body image.

That's as close as Fiorella can come to figuring it out

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Jan Hudson said...

It might also have a lot to do with paranoid schizophrenia.