Saturday, May 2, 2015


Sorry,  Big Bang Theory, but the much ballyhooed Mary Cooper vs. Beverly Hofstedter slugfest didn't work, and having Leonard's mother promise unconditional  love to her son at the end was lame.

First of all, it was WAY beyond even the sit-com world that Bev would  reconsider the child-rearing tactics that so closely tied in with her professional life.  Furthermore, Leonard has always excelled, which, for some reason, she has always refused to recognize, so it's hard to think that she'd alter her world view after a five-minute confrontation with Sheldon's mother, especially since she, as a psychiatrist, knows that "genius" is genetics, not upbringing.  Also, the awkward hug, which has been used at least twice before in the series, is growing whiskers.

Perhaps it would have been better to have Amy point out the unfairness of the situation to Sheldon and then have him, with his increasing sensitivity to humanoids, tell Beverly that he credits Leonard for coming up with the idea of whatever it was they were being lauded for.

But Fiorella has some other bones to pick.  She's tired of the Howard-Bernadette stereotype of a cute little woman bullying her childish husband.  And Leonard should be able to speak up for himself in a well-reasoned argument rather than an angry outburst.  And Penny was kinda dull.

Is Big Bang Theory getting tired?

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