Monday, April 6, 2015

Thoughts from Day Before Yesterday

Husband just pointed out to Fiorella what he considers to be a gross misapplication of resources--a baseball player receiving a yearly salary of more than thirteen million dollars.  This is not only wrong in regard to real people, who toil for their daily bread, but in regard to the athletes, whose brief time in the financial sun sets them up for unhealthy lifestyles and unrealistic expectations.
Have you noticed that schools are the major target of world-wide extremist groups?
Fiorella went off to HEB to buy last-minute Easter stuff and a couple of replacement bunnies--it's hard to keep chocolate sitting around the house unattended.  While she was there, she ran into Friend Suzy MM four times and they clogged the aisles talking about their dying writers' league.  When she went out the door into the cold wind, she ran into Friend Carol M, and they also talked about the upcoming demise of the writer's league.  Yep, that sucker is a goner.
Fiorella used to be a teacher, and she enjoyed it, but her real goal was to be a writer.  In fact, she assumed that was the real goal of every teacher.  Since then, she's learned that being a teacher is many people's end goal.  Who knew?

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