Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guilt Rides My Back

Fiorella had a horrible guilt dream last night, that she'd mislaid the disabled daughter of a friend whom she'd volunteered to care for.  Suddenly realizing what she had done, Fio wanted to return the child--if she was still alive--to her mother without being caught because your ignoble reporter didn't want to go to jail for the crime, which was a memory lapse, and interrupt her graduate studies.

Now, (1) Fio's graduate studies are a l-o-n-g way in the past,  and (2) she's never been responsible for a disabled child.  Why the dream?  Sheer guilt?  What/whom did the disabled child represent?  One of Fio's half-finished novels--is Lolly calling her back?  One of the many projects that Fio's started around the house?  That baby she miscarried years ago?

Fio ponders.

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Jan Hudson said...

Who was the friend & what does she symbolize to you?