Friday, April 17, 2015

Invisable Woman

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman when Vivian goes shopping in the posh boutique with a wad of cash in her hand, but no one will wait on her?

Well, Fio had her own Julia Roberts moment, but in a shoe store called Karavel.  And while she may not have had cash in her hand, Fiorella did have a hefty credit card in her purse, and a determination to buy shoes in her brain.

Fio wants new shoes.  She needs new shoes.  

But it was like she was invisible.  There were four employees in the store.  Two of them were taking care of customers, one was behind the register, and one was putting shoes in the racks.  Not one of them greeted or even looked at your faithful correspondent.  Fiorella walked the entire store, looking at shoes, without being acknowledged in the least.

Where is Richard Gere when you need him!

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