Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Young Lady

In her checkered past, Fiorella taught at several colleges.  Her first agenda item in each class was to learn the students' names.  Names are important.  Calling people by their names acknowledges them as individuals to whom you can relate in some way.

Fiorella recently had a disturbing experience with a new doctor.  A bluff, hearty man, he continually addressed her as "young lady," probably thinking he was being cute or flattering.  But since Fio is neither young nor a lady--she's always been something of a smart ass--she wondered if he was mocking her.  Definitely, he was depersonalizing her: calling Fio "young lady" was an easy way for him to avoid having to remember her name or build a relationship.

Fiorella is in the market for a replacement doctor.

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Gary said...

Okay 30 something smart ass, take 2 assburns and call me in the morning.