Sunday, August 3, 2014

Editor Search

Fiorella's life is full of adventures.  The one she's getting the most mileage out of right now involves her search for her editor, Michele Bidelspach, at the national RWA conference.

Michele had given Fio a forty-five minute time slot, 11:30 to 12:15, and Fiorella was both elated and apprehensive.  It would be great to talk face-to-face with this publishing deity who controls her literary destiny, but why did Michele want to talk to her--was Fio being called into the principal's office?

That worry was soon shoved aside for a more immediate one--Fiorella had no idea where she should meet with Michele.  Luckily, she ran into another member of her chapter, a published author, who told her that agents and editors usually hang out in the bar area.

No sooner said than done.  Fio immediately scooted down the stairs to the first floor, traversed the bar area itself, then crossed and recrossed the large area outside the bar, looking for a dark-haired woman a little shorter than she was.  But everyone looks short sitting down.

The minutes were speeding by, but Fiorella was determined not to be late for her appointment. She pulled out her cell phone and, using her meager texting skills, sent Michele a message asking where she was.  "In the lounge facing the bar," was the answer.  Fio raced around the area again, then started to query Michele on what she wearing, then suddenly realized her own white slacks and red shirt would probably be more distinctive.  After describing her ensemble to Michele, she raced around the area once again, trying for maximum visibility.

"Jeanell!"  (Fiorella's pen name.)

It was Michele, editor extraordinaire, and not only had Fio made it on time, but her apprehension was for naught.  The meeting was social, with some marketing plans thrown in.  Fio babbled, of course, but Michele was charming.

Its a story arc with a happily-ever-after ending.

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