Saturday, August 9, 2014

Walking Sonia

The walk started out well.  Fiorella escorted Sonia Dog up the south driveway, requesting that she "sit" at various times as cars went by.  They walked the road and down the north driveway without incident, then began to retrace their steps by going up the south drive again. Fiorella basked in the morning sunshine and the obedience of her sweet dog.

Until, heading down the north driveway again, Sonia caught sight of a deer dumb enough to leap through the cedar thicket.  Doggie, of course, tore after her, her red leash flying behind her.  After cris-crossing the thicket a couple of times, Sonia returned to the driveway, but instead of coming to Mommy, she galloped to the front porch and waited to be let in.

Needless to say, Sonia did NOT get a treat.

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