Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Husband!

Fiorella has established herself as Birthday Lady of her RWA chapter, collecting a list of natal days (day and month only!) so nobody is neglected when she should be celebrated  And Fio observes her own family's birthdays just as assiduously.

When her children were still at home, it was crate paper streamers in loops around the room, a decorated cake, and ice cream.  Thus, when it was time to celebrate Husband's birthday at Daughter's apartment yesterday, Daughter knew just what to do.  Her father walked into birthday streamers, a disgustingly rich chocolate cake, and more ice cream than anyone could eat.  And at home today, on his actual birthday, Fio serenaded him with "Happy Birthday" as he walked down the stairs to see big HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters taped above the fireplace and streamers looped across the bookcases. She'll sing it to him again this evening when she takes him out for a steak dinner.

Yes, Fiorella believes in birthdays.

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