Monday, September 30, 2013

Dogs, Deer, and Children

Sonia Dog's stroll yesterday evening was fraught with challenges.  Her hackles went up and she started growling as soon as she got out the door--the riding mower, which she's always distrusted, was parked in the yard.  Then, at the top of the south driveway, she fixated on the deer strolling around in the yard across the street.  Fio issued a number of LEAVE IT commands and circled Doggie back and forth a couple of times, trying to accustom her to the deer, but, at the same time, making sure she didn't break leash and bolt across the street after them.

Rather than risk too close a brush with the deer by walking Sonia up the road to the mouth of our north driveway, as is the usual pattern, Fiorella took Doggier back down the driveway to the house and up the north driveway.  The yappy dogs were out, but Sonia ignored them, as she has been taught.  However, at the top of the drive, she had another, although more distant view of the deer, so Fiorella circled her again.  Back down the drive, the yappy dogs were accompanied by a whistle, which raised Sonia's hackles again and required another round of LEAVE IT commands. Then came the corker--a child's voice.  But Sonia still held steady.

Fiorella was exhausted but elated.  Sonia's three special incitements--yappy dogs, deer, and children presented, with no incident. We're making progress.

PS: Gotta brag,  This morning Doggie dealt with a pedestrian, the neighbors across the street walking visitors to their car, and, as we were about to walk up onto the porch, a deer.  Better and better,  Now if Fiorella could just rent a few children.

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