Thursday, September 5, 2013


The dumbest thing Fiorella ever did was satisfy her vulgar curiosity about the inside of the neighbors' house, gaining entry by using the key they had given her in case of emergency.  She thought the family was away on vacation so what harm could come of it?  Except that they weren't on the open highway heading toward a fun time for all--they were out getting groceries, and they came home while Fiorella was in the back bedroom.  There was only one thing Fiorella could do: waltz out into the hall, meet them with a big smile on her face, and say, "Oh, I thought you were on vacation and I was making sure everything was okay," hand them back the key, and walk out the front door.

Writing about this mortifying memory is  Fio's attempt at exorcism, but, sad to say, she didn't learn her lesson--she's still unremittingly curious.  Yes, she'll check out the medicine cabinet if she uses your bathroom. 

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