Thursday, September 19, 2013


There's only so much food in the world, only so much land, only so much wealth, so are other people living worse because we're living better, because the food, the land, the wealth, is very unevenly distributed?  Does Fiorella's good fortune in living in a nice house in a nice area, driving a darling little car, and having a pantry packed with food mean that someone else is going without?

Of course, it does, but it's up to Fio to find her own private remedy.  And it needs to be more than donating old clothes to The Caring Place. 

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Jan Hudson said...

I submit that your premise is flawed. I, too, and an avowed liberal and, of course, we should help others and share, but my spiritual philosophy takes me in another direction entirely. I used to feel guilty about having things or wanting them at someone else's expense until I understood the law of abundance(and karma)and who really owns the "silver and gold and cattle on a thousand hills." My having something doesn't prevent anyone from having what they need. There is untold abundance, enough for everybody and them some. Just sayin'.