Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mama Fix

Sonia came over to Fio, tossed her head and made strange clacking noises. 

"She's got something caught in her throat," Husband ventured.

With visions of Puppy choking to death in front of her, Fiorella opened Sonia's great mastiff mouth and checked on the top of and underneath her tongue--clear.  But still Sonia tossed, still she clacked.  Fio ran her fingers under Doggie's lip.  Bingo.  Sonia had a  splinter of rawhide bone stuck behind her upper front teeth.  She hurt--and she'd come to Mommy to rectify the situation.

Now Fiorella understands why her own Mother was so thrilled when, years ago, little Fio came to her with a broken toy and said "Mama fix."  

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