Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fio's Road to Damascus

Put on your waders.  Fio is going deep.

I think she told you about the problems she had with meds after her hip operation.  The hydrocodone, which had never previously given her anything but pain relief, caused disorientation and hallucinations.  Maybe it was the strength of the pills--four times what she was accustomed to--or maybe it was the oxycontin added on top of them, but nothing made sense to her. Everything was random, everything threatening--cause and effect didn't exist.    Fiorella didn't know how to cope with a scenario like this, and she didn't want to exist in a world like this.  There was no balance, no God.

Yesterday Fio peeked back at those dark days and was overwhelmed by a wave of desolation.  Then suddenly she realized that scientific research has proved her hallucinations wrong, that everything does make sense, that all things relate, that there is order in the universe.

That there is a God. 

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