Sunday, April 21, 2013

Liars, Case #1

We all lie a little, but some people lie a lot.  In fact, they create total false fronts for themselves.

In her past life as a college teacher, Fiorella probably swallowed a multitude of small lies--dog ate the homework, etc.--but she caught on pretty quickly to the big lie of a golden-haired Alice-in-Wonderland beauty with a sparkling smile.  VB had been brought up in an evangelical household and glowed with goodness, but a few things didn't jive.  Like the fact that this sweet, virginal-seeming creature was divorced and had a child.  Like the fact that she heartily endorsed the Nazi extermination of Jewish children in response to one of Fio's "what would you do" final exam essay questions.

A couple of years later, it came out that her preacher-lover had murdered his wife, and VB knew about it beforehand.  Took a while for the police to break her down, though.  Golden-haired princesses aren't accustomed to having their false fronts ripped to shreds.

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