Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Liars, Case #4

JJ entered Fiorella's life through a friend who had hired hm as her business manager and suggested Fio do the same.  Friend liked JJ because he had talked to her over her kitchen table and he was always available when she called.  To Fio, that suggested he was trolling for clients and he didn't have enough current business to occupy him.

But when JJ telephoned Fio one Friday morning, she understood his lure.  He was charming, sounded totally sincere, and  told Fio what she wanted to hear. But calling her three times in four days (he skipped Sunday) was an overkill which put her off.  Besides, she'd checked with a common business contact and learned that JJ had totally misrepresented a transaction that went south, and, researching the internet and through a local lawyer friend, she discovered that JJ had at least three failed similar business ventures, the current one seemed to be going down, and he was starting a new one.  JJ was a high-flyer, but so far all he seemed to have accumulated was a cease-and-desist order and several lawsuits for fraud.

Fio sent photocopies of the information to Friend, but Fio suspects she's still loyal to JJ.  Fio understands--he tells her what she wants to hear. 


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