Thursday, May 12, 2011


Fiorella spent most of her work life leading an insular, anonymous life teaching at colleges and universities, when what she really wanted to do was get out in the world, make a big splash, and maybe even change things for the better. Which, she hopes, is what she's doing right now, but instead of gallivanting the globe, she's sitting in her den with a computer in her lap.

Yes, our Fio is a crusader at heart. Her books feature protagonists who overcome their pasts and themselves to end up happily ever after, role models for readers to identify with and garner hope from. Of course, the HEA in romances is marriage to a rich, handsome man who's good at sex, which is not going to happen for most women. But Fio sees the formulaic ending as more symbolic of success and happiness than a promise of reality. And one can always dream.

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Gary said...

Most of the time a male opinion of the ideal this or ideal that differs greatly from the female version.
I’ve just realized that’s not true with HEA, except for the gender of the ideal.

Male HEA romance is marriage to a rich, gorgeous woman who’s good at sex, which also is not going to happen for most men.

As a result males can have problems with their dreams in that area.