Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fly Away--Far Away

Don't waste your money on The Green Hornet. Husband suggested a movie night so he consulted Pay for View and selected one of his old comic book favorites. The popcorn was good, but the movie stunk. No--"stunk" might be awful but interesting, like looking at your bruised face after eye surgery. Green Hornet was more like "dead in the water."

Everyone overacted except Kato, who phoned in the role. Fio doesn't blame him--the politically-correct version of the faithful valet as a sterotypical Asian genius was embarrassing.

Whoever played the leading role was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Husband kept asking why the actor was always shouting. Again, though, who can blame Insect Man--the story was an embarrassing mishmash of hyperboles and cliches.

Not that Fio and Husband saw the whole thing through. Twenty minutes later, the popcorn gone and the movie getting worse by the minute, they ditched Hornet and stuck RED in the DVD player.

The movie was even better the second time around. The nuanced, low-key performances by all the players riveted our attention, the plot hung together like glue, and the violence was delightful. Fio and Husband had a wonderful evening after all.

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