Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cynical Fio

Pakistan--fascinating how outraged the Paskistanis are--not that bin Laden was living in their midst, but that the US took him out without consulting them first.
Lindsay's reading a good script now. Probably setting the stage for her upcoming probation-breaking trial. Sorry to be cynical, but this leopard' spots, etc.
Fio thinks Hackabee was wise in deciding not to run for the Republican nomination. The candidates are going to be tearing each other to shreds this year, each one more vicious than the next, and a dog fight within a kennel produces no winners. It all started when the GOP, desperate to undermine Obama, started pandering to the Tea Party. It was a bad bargain with a million Rumplestiltskins, and now the party is stuck with it.

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Gary said...

I have it on good authority we did try to consult. I even got a transcript of the call.
President Obama, walked in a square around his desk as he paced the oval office. Protocol dictated the phone call to the Pakistan President, but his AT&T 4G kept dropping his connection.
“Hey, Asif. Barack here. Say, you know that new mansion right next to your military base in Abuabad? We found the snake in that mansion.”
“Yes, Barack. I just found out that very thing not more than a second before you call. I sent Minister of Military to ask him to surrender. Did you want to process extradition paper?”
Dead air
Static… “Hello, Asif”
Gun fire.
“Asif, Barrak again. He’s with us now, but yeah, fax me the papers.”