Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lost Cause

Wendy Dog has had a tough time of it ever since Husband's old, plushy recliner was replaced by a sleek, low-lying Le Corbusier lounger. The newbie was just right for Husband's back, but completely wrong for a dog who loved to leap up into a warm, comfy chair right after her beloved daddy had vacated it.

Not that she hasn't tried. Fio watched in awe yesterday as Wendy finally got herself up into the lounger. For a minute or two, she sat with her legs cramped together and her nose almost touching the back of the chair, one of the stupidest poses she's ever gotten herself into. Then she delicately maneuvered around so she faced forward, which made her tail end sink down and her balance precarious. Finally she leapt off, looked at the chair, leapt on again, and immediately leapt off again. After a couple of sad final glances at the chair, she walked over to her own raised bed, lay down, and resigned herself to being just a dog.


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