Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oprah the Octopus

Fio doesn't know about you, but she resents Oprah's eponymously-named network taking over from Discovery, Health. When all other TV fare failed, Fio could usually count on Channel 279 for a good feature on weird diseases, graphic plastic surgery, and specials on multiples and dwarves. She really isn't interested in hearing Dr. Oz tell her to lose weight or Dr. Phil lecturing her about her psyche.

The only good thing is that Fio's always wanted to have an occasion to used the word "eponymous."


Rey Abisan said...

Remember, with any cosmetic plastic surgery there can always be risks and complications that can occur related to infection or a reaction to anesthesia. But with precautions by the surgical team, complications are typically minimized or prevented. Make sure you ask all the right questions as to what to expect before and after your surgery.

Gary said...

I’m planning to give my name to a coral reef in Hawaii. Maybe I’ll see the Oprah Octopus there???