Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Honk at Me!

Fiorella is NOT happy with the other drivers on the road. They are so rude.

Thursday evening, while Fio was driving to the library, she had a brilliant idea. Now, Fio often gets brilliant ideas while driving and immediately looks for stop lights or stop signs at which to write them down. And sometimes the idea is not only brilliant but fairly extensive so Fio has to pause a second or two extra . . . or three or four . . . and people have the nerve to HONK at her!

Fio thinks drivers should be more respectful of an artist at work. In fact, she's thinking of sticking a sign on her back window that says BRILLIANT IDEA BEING HATCHED; DON'T HONK!

And that pertains to when she accidentally wobbles out of her traffic lane too.

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