Sunday, June 21, 2009

DNA for Father's Day

For Father's Day, Fio is giving Husband back his heritage.

Remember when Fio raved on about stupid DNA Tribes, which tested Husband's DNA and said he was TURKISH in both sides? And remember that, resisting the urge to go out and buy Husband a fetching fez, Fio sent DNA Tribes a polite inquiry which their spokesperson brushed off? And what you don't know is that when Fio vented her pique on her blog, some DNA Tribes shill made a comment back to the effect that there are often surprises in our backgrounds.

Don't ever cross Fio like that because she doesn't get mad--she does more research!

Yes, Fio contacted another DNA company and sent in the swabs again. The maternal results haven't come back yet, but the paternal results are so Celtic it isn't even funny--which agrees with the National Geographic Genome Project's deep analysis results.

Take that, dumb DNA Tribes! You're a fraud!

And happy Father's Day, sweetie.

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